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Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife

Even this early, we can identify a critical fact in the unique development of cheating in Japan – its early society borrowed many themes from Confucianism. Japanese culture has used marriage in some form for well over 1,000 years. Similarly to in early Western societies, the primary purpose of marriage appears to have been to establish and consolidate bonds between families for mutual social gain and elevation in rank. But if I had to get married, chances are pretty good that I’d be over on eHarmony trying to meet Japanese women . I like the culture – especially how they put such a high emphasis on respect and honor for others. You’re not going to get that kind of respect and honor anywhere else.

Still, like all men, I too can’t resist those big, beautiful headlights, regardless of the likelihood of winding up splattered on the windshield. So don’t listen to me, because despite knowing all I know and having seen all I’ve seen, someday I’ll probably do the same damn thing, and marry a Japanese woman. Nor is Erick the guy whose Japanese wife held an 8-inch chef’s knife to his throat and threatened to murder him. And no, Erick’s not the guy whose wife forged his signature, sold their house in New Zealand without his knowledge, then took all the money and flew back to Japan. That’s Eric Without-a-K. I know it’s confusing.

Which as I also mentioned above is why we have been a great team in raising our kids. And I thought I married another person with shared intimacies and experiences and with 99.9% identical DNA, not a racial other.

  • They are all emotional, illogical, ill-tempered, and confusing.
  • These often have similar fidelity bonds to relationships in the West, and breaking those bonds will have the same consequences.
  • This is actually quite common in Asia, not just Japan.
  • If you don’t marry those ones, they get broken hearted and will simply vanish on you and marry some other idiot.

If you want your future wife’s parents to like you, offer to pay for the wedding ceremony and celebration. If you have good manners, you are likely to be admired by your date’s parents. In local dating culture, women and men start from a “confession”. After a couple of dates, young people have to tell each other about their feelings and see if they are mutual. If so, a man asks a woman to become his girlfriend, and this is how dating starts in Japan. Many foreigners do not know about this exciting tradition. You will certainly surprise your Japanese woman with your knowledge and gain her trust.

Upopoy – the best place to experience Ainu culture

I have to always ask to be kissed, I always have to hug her….I always get her a drink….maybe I am a push over. Opening up to new ways of expressing love can help you and your relationships grow. We hold hands together today when in Japan while walking together and, even though it’s a small gesture, it still feels special. Holding hands with your spouse is an accepted way to show love in public in Japan physically. I remember the big deal it was to walk with my wife holding hands in the street.

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This developed parallel to the conventional role of the dutiful housewife who raised 2-3 children, kept the home tidy, and was responsible for cooking, shopping, and other domestic activities. Divorce laws during the Meiji period strongly favored the husband for adultery and every other reason. This had been the case for centuries, but women wishing to obtain a divorce in this period gave rise to a burgeoning feminist movement.

For most there is little opportunity to meet new people, or be introduced to a potential marriage partner. So it has become common for a Japanese girl looking for marriage to register with a marriage agency. So to find a Japanese wife who you can enjoy a long happy marriage with, be open in your communication with about the future, about expectations, during your time dating.

They in turn become pretty uptight and a lot of them secretly despise men. So I would be curious if he was serious and if so, how he copes with this state of marriage. For me “no sex” or “very rarely” sex would be enough of a reason to leave that woman. Threw my air Jordans out of the living room window….we live on the sixth floor. Hopefully you’ve also read Ken’s book, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Lunch is a bento or a conbini sandwich and onigiri. It’s their choice to be treated like this, but they say their wives are too unpleasant to discuss things with. If non-Japanese go the Japanese way, they end up very unhappy in my experience, and the complaints are not about wifey eating tofu, not by a long shot. There is an old saying that goes; to have a happy life live in a spanish house witha japanese wife… Most foreigners will end up as English teachers in one form or another, and with salaries decreasing and fewer people willing to spend on eikaiwa, it can be quite a harsh reality. The Japanese Constitution, promulgated in 1947, has changed Japanese attitudes to marriage in the postwar era. The Constitution stipulates that marriage is based on the mutual consent and is maintained through shared cooperation, with the equal rights for husband and wife.

As a single person, hold a door once for a single Japanese of the gender you find more attractive, and you may cause him or her to blush. When it comes to dating and marriage, it seems as though there is still a very strong ritual to go through before it becomes serious.