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Survey: Handymen are decreasing, only 13% of Czechs make a living with their hands

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The craft is currently experiencing a drastic decline in the Czech Republic. According to NMS Market Research for Hornbach, 36% of Czechs are trained manual workers, but only 13% of adults make a living with their hands.

They often leave their fields or do not devote themselves to them at all. In addition, the number of people interested in studies focused on craft industries is decreasing year by year, so in reality a situation may arise where, for example, roofers disappear from the market. People are already starting to notice the increasing shortage of manually skilled individuals from the profession. The vast majority of Czechs said that they consider finding a skilled craftsman an almost superhuman feat, 87% described their number as critically low.

“Although more than half of Czechs would describe themselves as home handymen, there is a significant shortage of people practicing crafts as a profession. Only 13% of active workers are between the ages of 25 and 64,” said Hornbach’s marketing director David Kolář.

There is no shortage of skilled amateurs in households. The majority (56%) of people aged 25 to 34 consider themselves to be handymen, less than a quarter said that they have a handyman in their family. A fifth of Czechs venture into major repairs (for example, tiling the bathroom), 36 percent do not have a problem assembling or assembling larger items, and almost a quarter of families only undertake small jobs on their own, such as drilling.

Most people (77%) find finding a craftsman difficult. Most often, they look for a skilled worker among acquaintances and friends (69%) or use a recommendation (60%). People from smaller villages with up to 2,000 inhabitants take the most into consideration. In metropolises with more than 100,000 inhabitants, they more often prefer to search for a craftsman on the Internet (46%).

The research confirmed that Czech craftsmen do their work well. “More than half of people are mostly or always satisfied with their performance. “Not one of the nearly 500 respondents had a bad experience with every action,” said Kolář. People mostly consider the prices of artisans to be adequate (43%). They seem low to eight percent of the population, including 28% of active craftsmen.

SPRÁVNÝ HODINOVÝ MANŽEL is one of these masters, whose services are used by more than a thousand residents of the capital every year. Roman mainly specializes in minor repairs and furniture assembly services.

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